meet the riel rebecca

meet the riel rebecca

Weaving helped me discover something in myself I didn’t even know was there - an artist!

Hey you! Welcome to our crazy house!

My name is Rebecca but pretty much everybody calls me Becca and you can too, now that we're friends. I'm a 30 something mama giving the art world a go. 

I have two sons - Everett (3) and Owen (4 months) who keep me on my toes every day. While on mat leave with Everett, I attended a weaving workshop which is where I fell in love with my craft (some would call it an obsession).

I have a background in social work and political science, but more recently my weaving side hustle has turned into my full time gig.  My husband doesn’t weave, but he does crochet (no joke), and while you may not see him much, he is definitely the other half of Riel Finishings. He supports this business and the crazy hours I spend in my studio in every way imaginable and I’m so fortunate to have a partner helping me live out my dream.

yarn: unspun

the story behind my favourite fibres

I love using a variety of textures in my tapestries and I have a pretty sweet yarn stash at this point! My favourite yarns to work with are hand spun and hand dyed, which I source from other small shops around the world. I’m also passionate about using recycled and reclaimed fibre in my work. You can frequently find denim, mudcloth, and recycled wool in my tapestries. They look unreal, and are also better for the environment. When you commission a custom piece, you can select the type of yarn that speaks to you!

inspiration: unravelled

I draw my artistic inspiration from my experiences living both in and out of province, in both urban and rural settings.  Living out of province for a while definitely gave me a greater appreciation for all of the gifts Manitoba has to offer and that comes through in my tapestries.


I’m often inspired by prairiescapes and anything native to Manitoba. A lot of my clients are Manitobans who are proud of their prairie roots and want that to shine through in their "mapestry."

weaving together story and place

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