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Coral Textured Manitoba Mapestry - Rebecca Riel of Riel Finishings
Custom Puffy Textured White and Pink Wall Hanging - made by Rebecca Riel of Riel Finishings
Fringed Earth Tone Woven Wall Art - made by Rebecca Riel of Riel Finishings
as seen in
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riel finishings - yarn -16.jpg

Tapestries & Workshops

Rebecca is a fibre artist and weaving instructor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fascinated by a variety of mixed textures, Rebecca creates one of a kind tapestries. Each piece is loaded with hand spun, hand dyed, recycled and upcycled fibre to create a truly unique bohemian inspired tapestry.

the riel rebecca

Hi! I’m Rebecca, but most people just call me Becca and you can too now that we’re friends. 


Welcome to my little slice of the inter web. I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm a fully time social worker, moonlighting as an artist in my spare time.  



Diane Marius

Winnipeg has so many talented artisans and Rebecca is one of them! My experience creating a custom project was a dream from start to finish.


Genevieve Boken

The result of what I ordered greatly exceeded my expectations - looking at it simply isn’t enough, you have to feel the texture of her work to truly appreciate it.


Katy V.

I could not be happier with the quality of craftsmanship as well as how lovely the lady behind the loom was to speak with when putting my order through. 


Most of my tapestries are commissioned these days, but I do have some pieces in stock. Click Shop in the menu above or below, or check here to see upcoming events and where I'll be popping up next in Manitoba. 

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